Our Product.

We hand-make our croissants from scratch in a

vegan-only kitchen.

Our team produces several varieties of sweet and savory vegan croissants. Pre-order them online and pick them up freshly baked from our shop in Parma, OH, or find them at bakery, coffee shop or restaurant near you.


Our simply perfect vegan croissant with buttery-tasting, flaky layers. Ready for your choice of jams or sandwich fillings.


Our vegan croissant with a subtle yet sweet almond filling. Topped with a powdered sugar glaze and toasted almonds.


Dark chocolate is nestled inside our flaky vegan croissant and accented with even more chocolate.

Morning Bun

Sugar, cinnamon, pecans and orange extract turn our vegan croissant into the perfect cinnamon roll.


Vegan "sausage" and "cheese" pairs with spinach to create the perfect savory croissant.


Hints of lemon accent vegan "cream cheese" to take this classic combination to new heights.