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​Metro Croissants specializes in traditional butter and vegan croissants, bringing the best tastes of Paris to northeastern Ohio.

Metro Croissants are available at various locations in Cleveland and Boardman.  Want them for your next party, breakfast, or event? Our flaky croissants may be ordered by phone for pick up or delivery.  A delivery charge may apply.
I was spoiled after having the pleasure of eating croissants while vacationing in Paris. The vivid memory of having café au lait and a croissant for breakfast while sitting at a streetside café in the early morning sun always makes me smile. Once returning home, I tried to recreate those unforgettable mornings at the café, but failed miserably. The croissants available at my local grocery stores and coffee shops left much to be desired and were a poor substitute.  

So, the quest began for a croissant recipe. Julia Child’s cookbook and her PBS croissant video seemed the logical place to start. I also consulted countless cookbooks at libraries. None even had a recipe! But people were blogging like crazy about their experiences making croissants at home. This is where I found the most help and insight. For an entire year, I read about making them. Of course, doing it was the only way to learn. Honestly, I was intimidated. The ingredients are simple; the technique is where the magic happens. So, in the Fall of 2012, I started practicing, making batch after batch. And throwing away batch after batch of failures.

Finally, it all came together.  I was consistently producing beautiful, delicious, buttery pastries.  In 2013, Metro Croissants officially became a business operating from my home kitchen. That same year, because of a request, I added vegan versions of all the pastries.  These became our most popular items. By 2015, my kitchen was too small to handle the demand, so I moved into a commercial kitchen where my pastries are still made by hand. It’s hard to choose which makes me happier, making croissants or seeing the pleasure they bring my customers.

-Debbie Holzheimer
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. . . an edible French experience